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Honoring our InterConnection ~ Into Her Connection ~ Honoring our Love

This blog site is dedicated to living our Truest Love in this Life.  It is about You, Me and WE.

(and SHE – The Spiritual Mothers Love within all living beings).

I will create 3 branches (or pages) on this site one for each topic.  All pages will be dedicated to raising Love.  As any Mother wishes to do.  To discuss and encourage the raising of our inner Mother in all of us – Men and Women.  We the People.

I am late with joining the November wordpress challenge to blog each day so i offer my tweets since Nov. 1 as a substitute for blogging.  I made an inner commitment to reach out again with words and pictures this November 2014. http://www.twitter.com/libertyusa

We are 5 days into November and i now begin.  This blog is also linked with another blog dedicated to Enlightened Leadership activities from the WhiteHouse. http://libertyusa33.wordpress.com I am leaving that blog to stand as it is and begin a new with this one.  My intention is to use the 1TrueMe page to voice my personal inner thoughts, prayers, opinions for changes for the better in our world and changes i am making individually as a person.

The 1trueyou page will offer words of support on many topics which plague our human condition and cause us inner suffering.  I will write about the truth of our innate pure nature and how we can empower it.  I will write about ideas on how to conquer insecurity, depression, inadequacy, greed, stubbornness, anger, etc….I will write about uncovering our deepest love and wisdom as a goal in our lives to bring inner security and outer change for the better.

The 1trueWE page will address Politics.  Our responsibility as human beings to be the Change we believe in.  To understand and empower our right to unite, work together for a Healing Age of Enlightenment rather than supporting our conditioned mistaken paths of War and terror on each other.  I will write words to support our Awakening.

Now that i have outwardly committed myself to a blog a day on this space this month I must go to my other job now.  I need a doctorate degree to figure out wordpress navigation on this site and i confess i don’t have the patience to try to be a perfectionist on this blog to figure out how to make it lovely with fancy themes, pictures, etc….so i ask any reader to accept that the most important part of a blog is not how it looks, but what it says and it’s intention.  This blog has the intention connect us. with love and profound change for the better in the years to come on this planet as People.

May your day be filled with simple gratitude of our daily breath and allow hope for love in our humanity to bloom as our deepest Truth.  You, Me and WE.

written from the Island of MAUI

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Dear Brother, from your sister

Hello. Remember me?  It’s been 12 years now of separation. This letter is for you.  The one i grew up with day in and day out of our first 30 + years on this planet in this lifetime.  In a man’s life he can choose his wife, but he has no choice over who is his sister.  As an infant you had no say so in the fact that we had to spend everyday together because i came to mom and dad 17months before you.  i already lived there.  You may of not been so happy to have to be around me every day of your life, but I was extremely happy upon your arrival into my life.  i know that to be true.  It is still true to this day.  You were my wing man, my little buddy, and my best friend for as long as i can remember.  We hung out together out of our own freewill.  I was closer in my heart to you than to anyone male or female.  you were my rock.  my forever friend.  and then the change….

i have asked for forgiveness because never in my life would i want to hurt you, and I am so sorry that did.  I still don’t understand what happened and can’t help but think if you would talk about it – we could make it better.  With that being said…. I honor completely now that we are adults your choice to not have me in your life in any way.  A man has a right to decide which women are in his life.  but then i think perhaps you choose to come into this family with me to grow up with because you knew we’d be the best of friends.  Maybe we already were friends somewhere in heaven and we agreed to go together.  who knows.  all i know is that i loved being your sister.

I will respect your wishes completely to be left alone,  but it would be a lot easier on my heart if knew we were just separated by distance – not by poison in your heart.  if i knew you thought of me had felt warm love in your heart i would be okay with all this.   If you could make your way back to the love – i would still be respectful of your wishes.  what pains me is there is poison and pain and you won’t let me try to fix it.  you don’t want to fix it.  as you say, ‘there is no problem.’ Having you, my little brother, be the one person on Earth that never in a billion years did i think would turn his back and become a  stranger to me, become one, was a primal wound to my heart. It felt like being stabbed in the back by the one i trusted like my own heart. It felt like being shot in the heart and given a heavy and seemingly immovable stone in the pit of my stomach.  This is how emotional pain manifested for me in our relationship.  Thank you.

i say thank you because i have to find something good in all this.  i thank you because of my pain i learned how deeply i love.  because of my pain i learned how to spiritually handle pain, not wish it back it you, nor did i spread it to others to the best of my abilities.  I learned about how to handle deep deep pain and betrayal.  I know you don’t think you betrayed me, but my heart felt it and it learned something.  You had and have no obligation to love me or stand by me or think of me or spend time with me.  Just because i love you does not obligate you to anything with me.

The true freedom I want you to have with me, is do as you wish – but  I will not erase you as Steve told me you had done to me.  I will not believe that our entire first 30 years of relationship was not real of no value, not loving, and that i was worthy to be ‘erased’ from your heart.  you have made it clear you don’t want a sister, but i believe it would be a shame to erase the real love underneath our very real friendship.  it obligates you in no way.  may the malice clear and may your heart be light. love is universal – a sister and brother have a unique love in the world of male and female.  my wish for you, my little brother, is that  rather than cast me out of your life and get mad at mom if she brings my name up to you or your wife, and not let her talk about me to your sons…..


you think of me

feel a warm heart or a happy memory/feeling

and THEN

feel free to

let me go

in the meantime, i have tweeted and prayed to Oprah to bring some divine intervention into the great silence and separation that occurred when you got married.  whatever reason your wife ‘quakes in her boots’ if i were to come around needs to be explored. 12 years is too long to hold silence and secrets.  fear destroys families.  love unites them.  may there be love.